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Weathering the Storm responded directly to the Covid-19 pandemic, offering Brierley Hill people an opportunity to explore the importance of home and shelter in these difficult times. Through a series of workshops running between July and September 2021, together we constructed colourful shelters, made joyful message flags and created meditative sounds and music, building a large scale installation to fill The Art Garden.

Co-creating this safe haven within Hawbush Community Gardens offered local people the opportunity to get creative, meet someone new, spend time in a beautiful outdoor space, learn new skills and show thier collective work in a five day exhibition in October 2021. 

Artists Helen Garbett and Bill Laybourne invited everyone living in and around Brierley Hill to participate in  Weathering the Storm.


You can listen to the sounds we made here:
1.WTSWeathering the Storm sounscape part 1
00:00 / 03:00
"I would have loved to be part of this project in person as we had originally planned but I found the experience of being remotely involved surprisingly satisfying - I was unsure if I was able to help but both Helen and Bill say that my input was valuable and doing the book design really gave me a feel for the project and being a small part of it"
                                                                                                                                                          Our project mentor - Caroline Dear
See our project booklet here:
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