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A community calling...

February 1st 2020

A set of beautiful hand bells found in a cupboard at St Michaels Church in Brierley Hill served as the inspiration for Brierley Bells, a collaborative installation, improvised sound performance and launch event of The Curiosity Club.  


Conversations with local campanologist Tim Sunter who arranged for the old bells to be restored, prompted an investigation into their ringing sounds, the symbolic meaning of bells and their use in calling communities together.

In preparation for the event a co-created sound-scape or 'bell-scape' was recorded with project participants which included electronic chimes, spoken word and music.  

Prior to the performance The Curiosity Club created a collection of around 40 bells, some found, some bought and some gifted to the project by participants and supporters. Two of these bells were made on site by local glass artists Vic Bamforth and Darren Weed as their contribution and expression of 'curiosity in action'; neither of them had made a glass bell before. 

In partnership with The Glasshouse Heritage Centre, Brierley Bells offered local people the opportunity to come together, experiment with sound-making and mark the launch of this two year project. 

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