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3 Mile Radius

Photograph courtesy of Jonathon Lee

Travel is the means by which we engage with and encounter our locality, its physical contours, boundaries and barriers, roads, factories, schools, streets and its people, all manifestations of wider social, economic and political structures. For many disabled people, making journeys, can be associated with risk, not only physically but socially.

During October and November 2019 Helen and Bill invited local people to collaborate with them and create a project using both sound and visual artwork to explore, document and share their experience of travel within a 3 mile radius of Workshop 24 in Stourbridge.

The work was exhibited locally as part of the Ideas of Noise Festival between 6 & 8 February 2020 at the Glasshouse Heritage Centre in Stourbridge, DY8 4HF.

A film was made documenting Helen and Bill's thinking and approach to their social art practice and specifically to the development of the 3 mile radius project. Thanks to Ideas of Noise for commissioning it and to Jonathon Lee for his skill in its making. The film can be viewed below.

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