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Radio Public is an interdisciplinary collective of sound, visual and socially engaged artists working in the Midlands of England.


We are interested in the local, we gravitate towards the margins, the edge of things, encompassing  people and place, the seldom heard and the more-than-human, making the inaudible audible.


Our art is social in that we create participatory structures inviting local people to engage in direct dialogue with us to conceive and create the work.

Radio Public is mutable, changing in form and composition as it interacts with people and place over time. 


We have a monthly radio programme on Resonance FM, combining experimental, music, sounds of place, dialogue and spoken word, each programme emanates from our experience of the local, creating a portal into sonic possible worlds.


If you are interested in joining us please get in touch.

Our first programme on Resonance FM can be heard here

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