• Helen

Today, I am sorry to say will be the last of The Curiosity Club gatherings for a while. Due to the Coronavirus outbreak we have taken the difficult decision to stop our workshops for the foreseeable future.

Whilst there will no doubt be difficult times ahead, we can still be curious, take interest in what's around us, in the local places we walk to or through, we can notice.

Take a close look as your hands engage in everyday tasks, as your feet move, step by step... What is nearby? What do you see? What do you hear? There is wonder all around us...

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The Curiosity Club using the dérive (drifting walk) to survey the streets of Brierley Hill. Connecting people with place...

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  • Helen

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

A short walk around Amblecote following our pre-written, chance-based instructions helps Curiosity Club members experiment with playful strategies that assist with exploring the suburban environment...

'Keep looking, keep looking, even when there's not much to see...'

Kathleen Jamie

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