• Helen

Updated: May 22, 2020

Even though Bill and I are not currently working together in the studio we have discovered we can collaborate from a distance, continuing to explore The Curiosity Club neighbourhood.

The suns persistent arc across the sky, a river flows ever onwards, natures continuing rhythm...

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  • Helen

'Investigating time and place


Creating an analogue flow that is neither complete nor perfect

But created by hand

When the speed of the process is slowed

There is time to reflect and remember'

Leonard Koren, 2008

Gatherings from Wordsley Conservation Area.

Felt holds the dandelion seeds; found plants on the way to becoming ink...

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  • Helen

It has taken me a while to adjust, to not seeing friends and family, colleagues and collaborators and Curiosity Club members. But now I feel I can begin to explore again, to take a few steps outside my front door, down the street where I live and a little further on...

I can be curious on my own.

I live in a conservation area, Wordsley Church Conservation area which, according to Historic England is 'at risk'. A little over two miles from Brierley Hill, the ancient Wordsley High Street is usually very busy, noise and exhaust fumes from cars, lorries and buses fills the air. Historic buildings that line the route have been obscured by a sea of modern shop signs, security shutters and UPVC windows. The listed structures in the area, whilst seemingly fairly well preserved are surrounded by modern, unsympathetic developments. At its heart lies the early 19th century Holy Trinity Church.

During my one hour exercise walks which are allowed each day I think I will investigate, using our curiosity manifesto as a guide...

A way in...

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